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Arax Group Imports Premium Bottarga and Other Gourmet Foods

Arax Group has been in the business of importing specialty and gourmet food. Based in United States they import the finest gourmet specialty foods from around the world, primarily the Middle East, Mediterranean region and Europe. Being the pioneers in the industry, they take immense pride in offering quality foods to individual customers, wholesalers and restaurants. In continuation of all the top-class products offered by them, at present they are offering the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delicacy known as Bottarga, or Botargo. At one time, it was considered as the “poor man’s caviar” but now it is the “gold of Sardinia.” Made from Gray Mullet roe, it is available both wet and dry, depending on its usage. Either as an ingredient or eaten alone, this delicate gourmet is the most sought after food item. After receiving much popularity in many countries in the Far and Middle East and in Europe, countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Spain have enjoyed this gourmet specialty food for a long time, but it is now growing in popularity in North America. Bottarga is a gourmet ingredient that can be used in a variety of Mediterranean and Italian dishes. Although the company focuses on the sale of Bottarga, they offer a selection of gourmet foods and gourmet ingredients.  

About The Company:

Arax Group is an importer of gourmet specialty food from all around the world. Strategically located in the U.S., they are the market leaders in offering finest foods and gourmet ingredients that they procure from innumerable countries. Currently, Bottarga is their most popular imported foods which has a huge demand in today’s market. They work tirelessly and diligently to make certain that all their loyal customers receive the best specialty foods and gourmet ingredients available. They are dedicated to their customers and ensure they receive the highest quality, most delicious gourmet specialty foods to serve to their families, friends and customers. Their website is designed to provide insight about Bottarga, both about its origin and how it can be served or used as an ingredient in innumerable specialty dishes. Arax Group is also proud to provide recipes and information about the history of this delicious gourmet specialty food. At Arax Group, importing Bottarga di Muggine from countries such as Egypt, Spain, Mauritania, Tunisia, Italy and Morocco is their primary task. They also provide locally manufactured Bottarga from Florida. The products that they offer are delicious, nutritious and of the finest quality available. The services and the good quality products that they offer have earned them much recognition in the market and helped to draw immense customer support and appreciation. The aim is customer satisfaction and happiness. By providing the most outstanding gourmet foods and the best customer service, they hope to become your specialty and gourmet food importer of choice. One can also look up their web portal www.lizshamirianbottarga.com for the finest Bottarga, gourmet and specialty foods and gourmet ingredients, or take a look at some of their delicious Bottarga recipes.

Arax group has been favourite for importing gourmet and speciality food ingredients.

LAS VEGAS, 23rd march,14: Arax group has been favourite of customers for importing finest quality of gourmet and speciality food ingredients.
 American based company is in business in field of importing gourmet and Battorga. The company imports fine quality of gourmet from around the globe, primarily from Middle east, europe and Mediterranean region. Currently there most popular dish is Battorga. It was once known as 'caviar of the poor' , but now it is widely recognised as 'gold of Sardinia'. Battorga is made from grey mullet, swordfish or tuna and is available in both wet and dry, according in what you are going to use it with. You may use it as an additive ingredient or as a stand alone dish, but it is assured that it will tickle the taste buds of even the most disconcerting person.

 Arax group is a importer of gourmet all over the world with their 'trained eye' to check which grain shall go for processing and which should be rejected. Their business is situated in america but their need for supreme quality of gourmet made them cover the globe. Company is formed by grouping hard working people who work tirelessly to cater the needs of customers along with skilled professionals who have proper knowledge of food. Their dedication for work has shown how much they care for their customers and they desperately want that their customers should get the best quality of gourmet and speciality food to eat and to serve.

Arax group is specialized in importing 'Battorga di Muggine' from countries such as Egypt, (their primary source for Bottarga)  Mauritania, Spain, Tunisia, Italy(Sardinia) and Morocco. They also provide Battorga from local areas like Florida. Customers favours the products of this company as they are healthy, nutritious and best in class. Their long customer list includes individual buyers, wholesalers, and restaurants owners.

They also provide online shopping facility where you can order products according to your taste. They have a very user friendly website which navigates easily and thoroughly thorough each section. Site have information from history of Battorga to favourite recipes of theirs.
Battorga has a long traditional history in variety of cultures that's why you may find it easy to use it in your own cooking. As a delicious, tempting and nutritious gourmet specialty food, Bottarga has variety of uses in this culinary world. It can be eaten with olive oil and bread or it can be used in a number of pasta dishes. As gourmet and specialty food importers, Arax Group understands that you want the very most from your gourmet ingredients purchased.

Many happy customers have already voted them as the best gourmet importer, but they still work day night to build long term relationship with customers by importing superior quality gourmet speciality foods and Battorga. Consumer's satisfaction and happiness is their top most priority. Customer is the king, and they know this and follow this saying accordingly, and building a continuous growing list of satisfied customers.

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Learn About Bottarga

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Arax Group is an importer of gourmet
specialty food from all around the world. Our business is located in the USA but Currently, Bottarga is one of our most popular imported foods.

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